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A Bigfoot Prank 50 Years in the Making

This might be a first; a Bigfoot prank that took a full 50 years!

Eugene Hendrick lives in the small town of Brantly, Alabama. Back in the 1970s, he says he, "got a wild hair," and, "Wanted to do something about Sasquatch."

Eugene thought it'd be fun to make the area near the river look like Bigfoot had passed through. That's why he decided to cut out a pair of giant feet, bolt his shoes onto them and go for a walk. To make things even more dramatic, Eugene clawed up the surrounding trees.

It wasn't long before panic started to set in. Police were called, search dogs were used and a full blown Bigfoot investigation was underway!

What could Eugene do? His options were either to come clean and confess his Bigfoot secrets OR abort the mission and never speak of it again. As you can probably guess, he chose to let the legend die with him.

During his 50 years of silence, the town of Brantly went all-in on their Bigfoot notoriety. They started selling Bigfoot t-shirts and hats. They even bought a 3,500 pound Bigfoot statue.

Eugene's deep, dark secret was eating away at him though and when the town store started selling The Sasquatch Burger, he decided to fess up.

Thankfully, the town wasn't too upset by the prank and they didn't let it ruin their Bigfoot fun. Apparently, the legend lives on and the statue still stands so, in a way, there is a Bigfoot in Brantly, Alabama. Eugene even painted it!

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