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A Haunted AF Halloween (& Season 8 Finale): Pentagrams or Panty-grams?

We're sure sad to see Season 8 end, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't need a break (listen to the finale HERE). We're rolling out hot though with stories about a suitcase throwing ghost and a tragic house-fire that seemed to start with a Ouija board. That one came from Adam, whom we met at the Spooky Spectacle in Granbury. He even provided a picture, which was taken days after the fire was put out.

Mike had a haunted Tesla experience and was excited to share the video with us. See it below!

We also chatted with UFOlogist Britt Barbieri about the loads of recent UFO (or UAP...whatever) sightings reported by pilots. You can keep up to date with those HERE and watch her production partner Ben Hansen's latest video below.

Huge thanks to Inez who shared the prayer she uses before working with her Ouija board.

Also big thanks to everyone who sent pictures of their pets in costumes. We didn't know they made costumes for bunnies!

Haunted AF is taking a 3 month break but we ARE planning to visit the haunted bar Las Almas Rotas this Sunday (10/30/22) to try out our new Ouija board. We'll be there at 3pm so come by to say HI! We'll also

keep posting minisodes on our Patreon page, so find those at In the meantime, keep sending those spooky stories to so we can use them when Season 9 of Haunted AF starts on February 3rd!

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