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Cerro Gordo Fire: Ashes of Brent Underwood's Dream

Haunted AF listeners fell in love with Brent Underwood when he joined the podcast in Episode Episode 21-Season 3. He told stories of Cerro Gordo, the abandoned mining town he purchased in 2018 with hopes to renovate and turn into a travel destination. Underwood was stranded there during a snowstorm, then stuck even longer when the pandemic hit, and shared stories of ghostly shadows in the saloon and unexplained activity in the mining shacks. He clearly loved his adopted home (Brent calls himself the Mayor of Cerro Gordo), so imagine his heartbreak when part of it burned. Read the whole story HERE and find out how Underwood believes paranormal forces might have played into the destruction. Also, stay tuned for updates as we reach out to Brent for more details.

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