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Chris Jericho is Haunted AF!!!

We still don't know how this happened. It was about a year ago when Chris Jericho (Le Champion of AEW and Fozzy and everything else. YES, THAT GUY!) started following us on Twitter. We know he's a fan of creepy stuff in general, so we reached out and asked if he had a ghost story to share on the Haunted AF podcast. He shocked us by saying, "Actually...I want you guys to be on MY Talk is Jericho podcast!" It was another 6 months before we taped (we shrugged our shoulders and gave up many time along the way) and took another 5 months to drop, but the Haunted AF episode of Talk is Jericho is NOW LIVE! You can find it on Spotify HERE, on iTunes HERE, directly through the Talk is Jericho website HERE, or whatever platform you use for podcasts. Check it out and let us know what you think and ENORMOUS thanks to Chris Jericho for supporting Haunted AF! Seriously, how did this happen???

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