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December 2023 SURPRISE: The Chickening

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We've gotten so many great stories lately that we decided to drop a Surprise Episode on you (listen HERE). Special thanks to Emma from Real Life Ghost Stories (find her at for letting us use part of her Chicken Glitch story. Watch portions of the original TikTok below. It's been shortened for time but the chickens were still for about 2 minutes.

We also shared Laura's Glitch in the Matrix story where she found an inexplicable replica of her ring, sitting where she keeps her ring during bathtime. She lives alone and can't find an explanation for it.

We also revisited a story from Nick and Rebecca, who've had lots of strange activity around their new home, including their daughter who plays peek-a-boo with something they can't see.

The deadline to order merch for the holidays is December 10th so look your options over at We'll tape new episodes whenever we get enough great stories to share so please keep sending those to!

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