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Episode 1-Season 8: Tall Man & Nebulous Boy (were they a couple?)

Welcome to Episode 1 of Haunted AF Season 8 (listen HERE)!!! We're so excited to be back and to share the incredible stories we collected over the summer! It all kicks off with Denice's stories from the Harry Meredith House in Mineola, Texas. At least their ghost is helpful!

We heard about a childhood imaginary friend who was a little too real and a Dead Pet of the Week who still likes to meow in the middle of the night. Beth wrote to tell us about her daughter who regularly sees dead people (sometimes even departed family members) and Michael told us about the completely bizarre creature he encountered while serving in Germany.

Michael and Maddie Hatch shared stories from their trip to the Excelsior House in Jefferson, Texas which is famously haunted and the alleged inspiration for Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist.

Julie shared her own stories of Jefferson, including a ghost-hunt at The Grove. She reached out to the current owners and learned that it was recently hit by a devastating tornado!

Emma also wrote from Colorado to share a video. She and her husband tested their theory that if Teslas could see ghosts in cemeteries, they could see them elsewhere, too. They were shocked by their findings!

Find more exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon page (we shared minisodes all summer!) and check out the new items we posted in the Haunted AF Online Store. Most importantly, please send YOUR spooky stories to so we can use them in Season 8 of Haunted AF!

Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode of Haunted AF! If it's time to monetize your podcast, it's time to check out!

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