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Episode 1-Season 9: Janelle's Man in the Mirror

Welcome back for the 9th Season of Haunted AF (listen to Episode 1 HERE)! Coming to you from the frozen tundra of Dallas, Texas...which is why we had to tape from separate locations this week. We've still got some great stories about dead guys who watch you sleep and about creepy mirror portals. That story came courtesy of Janelle, who sent a photo of her Grandpa's haunted home in Jamaica.

We also heard an amazing story about the Norwich State Hospital. You can find tons of information about that place online but we really enjoyed this drone footage through the now abandoned building.

We also got a great story about a talking crow and, wouldn't you know it, there are a ton of videos of those guys chatting it up on YouTube. Here's one of our favorites of a raven named Fable. Scroll to 5:06 to hear her say "WTF" when a rooster crows. She's pretty cute!

Remember to check out the Haunted AF Online Store while you're here because Rebekah designed a TON of cute new shirts. Here are a few you might not have seen yet!

Also find the Haunted AF Patreon Page for all the exclusive content we've been posting there for years. And keep sending those stories to so we can use them in Season 9 of Haunted AF!

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