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Episode 10-Season 8: Why Did the Ghost Cross the Road?

You guys came through with some amazing stories for Episode 10-Season 8 of Haunted AF (listen HERE). Crystal and Clark shared their story of a ghost crossing the street and Jessie talked about a UFO (or UAP...whatever!) that flashed bizarre shapes in the sky. Then Kendall told a story about a Blue Lady, which is wild because we just heard a similar story in Granbury!

Writer/Director Chris Von Hoffman joined the podcast to talk about his new movie Devil's Workshop and told spooky stories about his father's haunted house. Watch the Devil's Workshop trailer below and find it in select theaters on VOD this weekend.

Chris also shared his own favorite scary movies and the original Candyman was at the top of his list. Julie talked about the real-life murder behind that story, which you can read about HERE. It's also currently streaming on Prime, Hulu and Apple TV.

Big THANKS to everyone who sent pictures of their pets in Halloween costumes! We adore them!

Please keep sending those pet pics to and, while you're at it, tell us your spooky story. Season 8 ends in 3 weeks so you don't have much time left to tell your tale on Haunted AF! In fact, our Season Finale drops on October 28th so get to work!

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