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Episode 11-Season 6: Ghosts of the Hindenburg

Before we share any of our stories from Haunted AF Episode 11-Season 6 (listen HERE) we have to say THANK YOU for the adorable Doll in the Hall videos! Here are just 2 of the several that came in last week (we'll share the others as soon as we can edit them)!

And we can't forget precious Izzy looking for that Mango Water!

Get your Doll in the Hall Challenge video to us by October 22nd for your shot at winning $200 in gear from

Next up, we had a handful of lovely Dead Pet of the Week stories, including one from Brenda about her beloved kitties, Gadget and Gizmo (that's them to the left). We also heard an excellent story from The Bourbon Orleans in New Orleans and one about a creepy shadow-figure from Sydney, Australia. Julie mentioned the Min Min Lights of Australia and asked anyone who has a story about them to please share it. She also discussed a bizarre video she found about the lights on YouTube. We decided not to post the whole video here because it does show a dead kangaroo, but anyone who is interested can find the video HERE.

A listener named Rebecca shared a story about the My Buddy dolls she bought for her sons. The story itself was pretty frightening, but not nearly as freaky as the original My Buddy tv commercial.

JB told a terrifying tale about experiences he had near the Hindenburg crash site. Here's a clip from the original news reel of that day.

Lesley Moore asked if we'd ever gotten emails about haunted airplanes, so we shared the story of Eastern Flight 401, which crashed in the Florida Everglades in 1972. You can read more about it HERE and check out the Astonishing Legends episode about it HERE. Julie also mentioned a terrifying YouTube video she found about something hiding on a plane. Watch that one below and cruise the comments for more creepy stories!

This season is going to wrap on October 28th so you only have a few weeks left to get your spooky stories to us. Send it written or recorded, audio or video to so we can use it on Season 6 of Haunted AF!

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