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Episode 11-Season 9: Ghost OR Squatter?

The latest episode of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch on YouTube below) introduces us to "The Little Man" (with a big, creepy aura) and to a ghost that likes to interrupt your grilled cheese time. We also meet Doreen, who grew up in a haunted house and went on to buy a nice, cozy Haunted AF t-shirt (you can find those HERE).

We also talk to Sylvia, who may be haunted or may just be hosting an unexpected guest (see her pictures below).

We also briefly mentioned the Sleep Yeller, who is allegedly talking to dead people in his sleep. Not so sure about that but he's definitely keeping the person in bed with him up.

Season 9 ends in two weeks, but Haunted AF will keep releasing content on our Patreon page starting June 1st through the end of 2024. Please become a Patron, if you can, and send your spookiest stories to!

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