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Episode 12-Season 7: Burn in HELL, Dora!

Shadow folks are causing all kinds of trouble in Episode 12-Season 7 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch the YouTube video below), even trying to steal your man! We also had more disembodied child voices and a Dora the Explorer doll that seriously needs to be destroyed. Huge thanks to Sean for sharing his story about Baby Girl and these precious pictures of them both.

We also talked to someone who lives in a haunted New Hampshire mill that's been converted into an apartment. Here are the photos they sent, but we don't see those lights that were causing all the trouble!

Find more exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon page (we'll post minisodes between seasons) and check out our new film podcast, the JSS Movie Minute when you can. Then send your spooky stories to so we can use them in next week's Season 7 Finale of Haunted AF!

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