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Episode 2-Season 6: When the Headmistress is in Your Bed (not as hot as it sounds)

We kicked off Episode 2-Season 6 of Haunted AF (listen HERE) with an incredible story from Rachel about a haunted photo. If she finds it when she walks into the woods again, we'll be sure to share that picture!

We also heard a wonderful Dead Pet of the Week story from Nikki, who sent these pictures of her cat, Bow. AWWWW!

We also got a fantastic picture from Angela, who has a special way of remembering her dead pets, specifically her ball python and bearded dragons.

Chad's been asking for help with some images he's caught on his RING doorbell. We thought they were probably spiders but he disagrees. What do you think is buzzing around Chad's yard?

We wrapped it all up with TC's story out of San Fransisco about a wild night in an old hotel. We think he might have been staying at the Queen Anne, which is allegedly one of the most haunted hotels in the city. If you stay there, ask for room 410 and see if Mary Lake drops by your room, too!

You can find more stories on the Haunted AF Patreon page, where we posted exclusive content all summer long. Remember to send your scary stories, pictures and videos to and that you can now watch our entire podcast on the Haunted AF YouTube channel (please subscribe if you do)!

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