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Episode 2-Season 8: Ain't that a Kick in the Spooky Testicle?

Don't worry, the title will make sense once you listen to this episode (which you can do HERE). Let's just say it's been quite a week for Haunted AF. We've got kids who are haunted by ghosts of themselves, terrified babysitters and a haunted house you can spend a weekend in. In fact, if you'd like to stay there for a few nights, find Bethany's Home Sweet Haunted Home HERE. Look for her pages on Facebook and Instagram as well, to see some of the documented activity!

Don't forget that Haunted AF will be at the Spooky Spectacle in Granbury, Texas September 24th & 25th. Just don't ask us to say it three times fast. Look for the new Haunted AF gear HERE and become a Patron HERE if you want more exclusive content. If you'd like to send some love to Rebekah, comment below or on any of the Haunted AF social media pages. We'll make sure she sees it and know she'll appreciate your words of encouragement mightily. Or just send your We Love You Rebekah messages to, along with your spooky stories of course, so we can use them in Season 8 of Haunted AF!

Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode of Haunted AF! If it's time to monetize your podcast, it's time to visit!

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