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Episode 2-Season 9: Haunted AF & the Ghost of Covid

Do people even get Covid anymore? Well, Julie did so this episode of Haunted AF (listen HERE) was taped remotely (again). We still had some pretty incredible stories and a couple of head-scratchers, like Aaron's video below. Watch it a few times and let us know what you think. Also, are cold weather bugs a thing?

Big thanks to Robyn, who sent in the story about Marvel, the matrix-glitching dog (kind of looks like he's saying, "I'M SORRY," doesn't it?) and to Olga who told us about her precious Norah. Extra thanks as well to Tasha who sent the "Dead Pet of the Week" theme song below. Remember, we love it when you write your own songs for us!

Quin sent an amazing story about an incident at Falls Lake in North Carolina, which is famously haunted. You can read more about it HERE and hear the Strange & Unexplained episode about Lake Lanier (which Julie mentioned) HERE. You can also find the book she mentioned, Under the Lake by Stuart Woods HERE.

Rebekah made an offhand comment about a man who knocked down a wall and found an underground city, which Julie immediately called bullshit on. Well, the story is true. You can even watch a little video about it below.

Please remember to leave some positive reviews for us wherever you can (we've been getting some ugly ones lately) and to like and subscribe if you watch on YouTube. Find more exclusive content at and, most importantly, keep sending those scary stories to so we can use them in Season 9 of Haunted AF!

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