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Episode 3-Season 5: Haunted AF Name-Drops

It's been a crazy week for Haunted AF! We kicked off Episode 3-Season 5 with (here comes the name-dropping) a Zoom-chat with Emma from the Real Life Ghost Stories podcast. She was so cool that we kept her for on the line a straight hour! We'll share the rest of that interview on YouTube once it's edited (it might take a while), but you can listen to their podcast HERE. We also discussed the Reality Ripple filter on TikTok and how it's allegedly finding ghosts. Read up on that HERE and check out the video we found below.

If you try the Reality Ripple filter and have any luck, please send the video to We had an excellent ghost-battle story out of Gettysburg, from the Round Top Campground (rent spaces with them HERE), and then a chat with Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman about the new episode currently airing on Discovery Plus. We'll share the full interview on the Haunted AF Patreon Page, once it's edited (again, it might take a while because, as you know, we're kind of slow). We shared Aut's story about the Earthquake Harbinger Ghost (that's the sketch above) and we wrapped it all up with Gina's story about Jack. Here are the photos she sent and, we didn't know John, but we love him already:

Remember to send your scary stories to so we can use them in Season 5 of Haunted AF. We take written or recorded (audio or video) and please include as much evidence as possible (photos, sketches, recordings...we love it all). We'll leave you with Cliff Barackman's video-bio from the early Finding Bigfoot days. This guy is adorable!

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