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Episode 3-Season 6: Attack of Mrs. Bigfoot (& the Bum-Cupper Ghost)

The stories in Haunted AF Episode 3-Season 6 (listen HERE) run from silly (Mrs. Bigfoot terrifies toddlers) to sad (missing woman haunts little boy) to straight up terrifying (shadow person who creeps during potty-breaks)! We shared a lovely Dead Pet of the Week story from Myra, who felt certain she captured her departed Toby in the photo on the right. We didn't see him but you might.

We also discussed the old Doll in the Hall meme and decided to start the Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge. Just film yourself scaring a friend or family member with a creepy doll (we'll take Halloween decorations too) and send it to Please don't scare anyone who might die from the shock (Haunted AF also can't be help responsible for any clothes that might be soiled in this process).

Rebekah shared a hilarious story about a Mom who terrified kids at a birthday party by inviting someone dressed as Bigfoot. Read that whole story HERE and make sure you watch the video!

We also revisited a story we shared over the summer, about a little boy who allegedly saw the ghost of a missing woman while 3-wheeling with his family. Watch that story below.

We also read an email from Alexis about the ghosts of two young women who haunted the house she grew up in. We dug a little deeper and found a story about an abandoned graveyard not far from Alexis' property and the family buried there (including two girls). You can read more about that HERE and see pictures of the actual graves.

Remember to keep sending those scary stories (written or recorded, audio or video) and your Doll in the Hall Challenge videos to so we can use them on the next Haunted AF!

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