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Episode 3-Season 9: Curse of the Haunted Wine Cooler

Here's the latest Haunted AF (listen HERE) with a brand new Dead Pet of the Week theme song and, believe it or not, a haunted wine cooler! We kicked things off with ghost stories from Louisville, Kentucky which is extremely haunted. One of our favorite haunted spots, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is there.

We also had a story that reminded us of an awesome short film called Lights Out. It was eventually made into a feature-length movie, but it couldn't top that spooky original.

Don't forget, we are now posting full episodes WITH the Pregames on the Haunted AF Patreon Page. That means Patrons are getting new episodes a full day early. Watch the YouTube version below and please, like and subscribe when you can. Grab some merch in the Haunted AF Online Store (we're always adding new gear) and, most importantly, keep sending those scary stories to!

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