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Episode 4-Season 6: Swimming with a Serial Killer

We made some announcements in Episode 4-Season 6 of Haunted AF (listen HERE), starting with our Scary Time Podcast sponsorship! Find those guys HERE and let us know which of their shows you enjoy most! We also posted another MOVIE MINUTE, featuring reviews of Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings and the new Candyman sequel, co-written by Jordan Peele. You can find that HERE or listen wherever you find podcasts.

We started this episode with a video from Amanda's father. He caught something while filming home renovations for his new girlfriend. Something he thinks might be a message from his deceased wife. What do you think it is?

We also got an amazing story from Audrey about growing up behind the infamous Fox Hollow Farm. That's where serial killer Herb Baumeister murdered a suspected 11 people (possibly more) and buried them in his backyard.

Looks like the Ghost Adventures crew just visited there and that episode will air this Friday (August 27). You can find those details HERE.

Don't forget about the Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge! Film yourself scaring your friends and family with haunted dolls or Halloween decorations, then send the video to We still need those scary stories too, which can be written or recorded (audio or video)! And remember to watch the Haunted AF podcast on our YouTube channel below (please subscribe if you can)!

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