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Episode 4-Season 9: Are You Haunted or Just Really REALLY High?

Episode 4-Season 9 of Haunted AF (listen HERE) asks some important questions, like can kids remember past-lives and do people share their Tulpas? Can a tray of edibles give you ghosts or can planes simply freeze in mid-air? The video below (and others like it) sure got Julie's attention. Especially after she witnessed the phenomenon herself!

You can find more that-plane-isn't-moving videos and read an explanation HERE.

Huge thanks to Curtis for taping a fantastic Weird Shit theme song for us! Julie threw together an introduction video for it, which is decidedly pretty awful. She's going to work on it some more but, in the meantime, feel free to send your own version to us!

Don't forget to find more exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon Page (now with giveaways!) and check out our Haunted AF merch HERE. Watch the video version below OR on the Haunted AF YouTube channel (please like & subscribe while you're there). Most importantly, keep sending those scary stories to!

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