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Episode 5-Season 6: "Possibly Haunted" by Drunk Nuns

Haunted AF Episode 5-Season 6 (listen HERE) kicks off with a "possibly haunted" house in Lincoln, Nebraska (see above) and the real-estate agent who wants to sell it. We also talked to Justin Shyba about the creepy videos he's been sharing on his Instagram page (a few on his wife's popular Momma's Gone City page too). Watch his video below (thank you Justin, for letting us share this) and check out that attic distillery!

We heard a wonderful story about a collection of orbs in Sylhet, Bangladesh and a hilarious Doll in the Hall story from Jo-Anne, except hers was more of a Clown in the Mailbox situation. See him below and remember to send your Doll in the Hall videos to (scare someone you love with a creepy doll or Halloween decoration, film it, then share it with us)!

Props to Jo-Anne's daughter Angie, who says the whole thing was her idea anyway! We shared a remarkable (and kind of sexy) Glitch in the Matrix story from Nicole in Austin, Texas and heard from Charlie about the haunted house he grew up in. Chelsea shared a story about a small, human-like figure she encountered during a late-night potty-break as a child. She was staying with her family at the Lafayette Campground in the Franconia Notch State Park (New Hampshire) and saw it while walking to the bathroom. Chelsea was shocked to learn as an adult about the "little forest people" through the Lore podcast. We did some digging and found more about the legend, which stems from Native American folklore (read more HERE). Julie and Rebekah discussed "pinch yourself" moments and Julie told a story about watching (what seemed to be) the sun disappearing from a clear, daytime sky. She Googled the experience and learned it was simply a weather phenomenon, then promised to share the links she found that day. Julie had no luck recovering them however, so we're just going to assume that she's bonkers.

Haunted AF wants to take the show on the road to meet fans at some creepy locations. Would YOU be interested in joining us at a haunted hotel or possibly taking a ghost tour together? Let us know if dark tourism sounds like you're kind of thing and, while you're at it, send those scary stories to so we can use them on the next Haunted AF!

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