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Episode 5-Season 8: "Once I Had a Secret Love" (& other Doris Day Nightmares)

Welcome to Episode 5-Season 8 of Haunted AF (listen HERE). We started with a reminder to follow us on Patreon and to come see us at the Spooky Spectacle in Granbury, TX on September 24th and 25th. We then launched into a terrifying update about Ghost Ashton (if you know, you know). We also talked about Haunted Grounds Coffee in Midway, Georgia and, oddly enough, another haunted coffee shop called Cool Beans Coffee Roasters. Gini wrote from across the pond to tell us about her Mavgeeks podcast and how they share spooky aviation stories around Halloween (we hope to get her on the show soon) and Lori told her about her precious Charlie (see their video below).

Dianne wrapping things up with 2 terrifying tales, including one about a well-known serial killer and one about this Doris Day song. Just imagine it being played on a dark night at a very...slow...speed.

Check out the Haunted AF Online Store while you're here because we've been adding some cute new merch. Most importantly, remember to send YOUR spooky stories to so we can use them in Season 8 of Haunted AF!

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