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Episode 6-Season 6: "It's a UFO, Fred!"

Welcome to Episode 6-Season 6 of Haunted AF (listen HERE)! First of all, have you sent in your video for the Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge yet? Just scare someone you love (someone who WON'T have a heart-attack or try to shoot you, preferably), film it, then send it to

We kicked things off this week with Lindsey's UFO video, which is simply amazing! What do you think she caught on tape? Anyone else see something similar over San Diego in October of 2020?

We had a special tribute to Misery, the kitty featured in one of our Dead Pet of the Week theme songs. Her owner, Shoshana, told us that she passed away recently and sent this lovely photo. So sorry for your loss, Shoshana! We heard a terrifying shadow-person story from Kenny at the Faithspotting podcast (find his show HERE) and we talked about the brand-new merch we shared in the Haunted AF online store. Remember, if you order the "If I Die First" t-shirt, size UP! We wrapped it all up with a prerecorded interview with Meg Harrell, a Registered Nurse who has been sharing incredible stories about her life and job on her Nurse Meg TikTok page and website. Most of her stories are about nursing, but she has tons of amazing ghost stories, as well!

If you finish this episode and still want more, you can find plenty of exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon page. And remember to keep sending those scary stories (written or recorded, audio or video) to!

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