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Episode 6-Season 7: Mansions, Murder & Mumbles from an Empty Backseat

Episode 6-Season 7 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch below) has some amazing ghost stories that are based on famous events (some you're already familiar with)!

We started off with a message from Cat who's been battling the floods in Australia. She shared details of the damage (read about it HERE) and sent this precious photo of her wearing her new Haunted AF t-shirt. Snag your own in the online store and remember to size up if you get the If I Die First shirt, like Cat's.

Kristen wrote to us about the little girl who haunts her house and the horrible events around her death. You can read more about the murder of 11-year-old Kaylee Cogdell and the conviction of her older brother, Thomas HERE or click HERE to watch clips of the Dr. Phil episode about it.

We also shared a story from Sara, who recently lost her precious pup, Aries. She sent some photos of him and shared the video below of what she believes is Aries communicating with her.

Jamerson sent a sweet story about his friend Dillon and Lucky, the dog he left to him. See them below.

And Zac told us the story about Lynnewood Hall, which sits abandoned near his home. You can read more about what's known as the World's Largest Haunted House HERE and see some photos below.

Tony also told us about the ghost he believes he picked up at the Cassadega Hotel, which has an amazing history. Read more about it HERE, then send your spooky stories to!

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