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Episode 6-Season 9: John's Duppy House (& the 4 Pug Weekend)

You guys have been sending this most incredible stories lately and Episode 6-Season 9 of Haunted AF is no different (listen HERE).

First we have to say thank you to Holly for sending this picture of her precious cat, Boo Boo. We also briefly discussed a story about girls fainting at a school in Columbia, blamed on the Ouija boards they were playing with. You can read that article HERE.

John sent a wonderful story about the haunted house his friend lived in, which they called the Duppy House. He was kind enough to send the pictures below.

Then, Lisa absolutely broke our hearts with her story about Chris and the four pug weekend. Find pictures of them all below.

Remember to find more exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon Page, where we're posting a weekly Pregame and the full episode a day early. While you're here, check out the Haunted AF store and pick up some cute merch. Watch the video version on the Haunted AF YouTube channel (please like & subscribe while you're there) and please keep sending those scary stories to!

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