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Episode 7-Season 6: Where's that BABY???

Lots of great updates in this episode of Haunted AF (listen HERE)! We found another video of the thing flying over San Diego from the SAME DAY Lindsey filmed her sighting (watch that HERE).

Mark also sent video of the bizarre crying baby he keeps hearing in his house late at night.

We thought it sounded like the crying-baby sound effects, which we found HERE. Is someone playing a prank on Mark or do you think he's actually haunted?

We have plenty of new stories in this episode as well, from a 911 operator reporting bizarre activity to another woman-in-white seen glowing in the woods of Massachusetts. Laura told us about the strange things that happened in her Florida home, including a bizarre explosion that nearly blew her down the stairs. We also heard from Stacy who's had two wild experiences in her home just in the past few weeks!

We're excited to announce that the Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge now has a sponsor! will give $200 worth of clothes to our winner so make sure you film yourself scaring someone you love and send it to us. Most importantly, keep sending all that scary stuff to so we can share it on the next Haunted AF!

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