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Episode 7-Season 9: The Ghost & the Piss Pot Lady

Can you believe we're already halfway through Season 9??? Episode 7 of Haunted AF (listen HERE) introduces some amazing people, starting with food historian and author, Deah Berry Mitchell. She visited Galveston recently, doing research for her Soul of DFW Bus tours, and had an awesome experience at the Hotel Grand Galvez. Listen to find out why Deah spent the whole night in their gorgeous lobby!

Christina sent in a wonderful story about her Grandpa, who worked for NASA when he was alive and continued to visit them when he wasn't. She also sent some beautiful pictures, including one of her Grandmother who had several posthumous chats with Christina's son.

Jenny wrote to us about the bizarre smokey rings she saw while visiting Disneyland. While they are definitely alarming (see below), they seem to have a pretty simple explanation.

Finally we heard from Katie, who has worked at some seriously haunted attractions around London. She told several stories from the London Dungeon but our favorite part was the Piss Pot Lady. Let us know if you've ever encountered her! Remember to find more exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon Page, where we're posting a weekly Pregame and the full episode a day early. While you're here, check out the Haunted AF store and pick up some cute merch. Watch the video version on the Haunted AF YouTube channel (please like & subscribe while you're there) and please keep sending those scary stories to!

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