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Episode 8-Season 6: The Grabby Ghost of Dallas' North 40

We had some amazing stories about ghost scratches in Episode 8-Season 6 of Haunted AF (listen HERE). We knew you probably came here looking for those so here they are!

Oh, we threw in our latest long-sleeved merch too, because we're shameless self-promoters. You're probably interested in that haunted jug of OJ we mentioned too. Check that out below but there is a touch of profanity.

We were excited to get our first Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge video, even though it was a bit of a bust. It's still pretty cute so thanks to Justin Alcala for sending it in! You could win $200 worth of clothes from so scare YOUR friends & send us the video!

Thanks also to Lisa for sharing her ghost story from the North 40 in Dallas (that's her band, Blind Date, up top). Did you have experiences there or do you know someone who has? If so, please tell us all about it! In fact, send ALL of those scary stories to and then check out the Haunted AF YouTube Channel below!

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