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Episode 8-Season 7: Joey's Ghost Granny (& those GD-MFing FLAT BIRDS!)

Episode 8-Season 7 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch the YouTube version below) is simply PACKED with good stuff. We started with more inexplicably dead birds, this time flattened around White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Thanks to Jill for sending these pictures!

We also talked to Joey Radke in Minnesota, who's ghostly home-security footage just went viral. Read his story HERE and watch his video below.

Stephanie told us about the strange things she saw in the sky during a recent cruise. Watch her video below and decide if it's a star, a drone, or something else entirely.

Stephanie also sent a link to this story about a ship captain who saw something wildly similar.

We wrapped it up with the story of JB and his roommate, who might have brought something home from a ghost tour. These two have been dealing with escalating activity like knocks, footsteps and even some mimicry.

They asked for our help so we put them in touch with various paranormal groups in their region and will get updates soon. In the meantime, check out their most recent video below.

Don't forget to check out the Haunted AF online store while you're here! Be like AEW superstar Chris Jericho and wear one of our t-shirts until it looks faded and loved. The muscle-tees have been discontinued but there are still loads of t-shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers and mugs. You also need to send those spooky stories to us. We have a shortage of audio files right now and would love to share your voice with the world (yes...we would adore your accent). Play around with the voice memo function on your phone, then send that good stuff to And if you can't figure it out, just write it down because we love those stories, too!

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