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Episode 8-Season 8: Goodnight Zoo

Welcome to Episode 8-Season 8 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch below)! We have a lovely Dead Pet of the Week story and more reasons to stay away from Ouija boards but our favorite story comes from a zoo in Colorado. It's the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which was apparently built by a wealthy animal lover named Spencer Penrose in 1926.

Penrose is even buried on the property, in the shrine he built for Will Rogers (see above), so he's often blamed for the paranormal activity that goes on there. One Haunted AF listener has a different theory and thinks someone else is the culprit. It's a bit of a spoiler, so listen to the podcast before following this link for details.

We're loading up the car and heading to Granbury, Texas this weekend for the Spooky Spectacle. Come find us at the Lake Granbury Conference Center on Saturday and Sunday so we can say HI and give you a Haunted AF sticker (while supplies last). We'll share some of our favorite stories from the past 8 seasons during our panels, which will be at 1pm on both days. Remember to check out the other haunted attractions nearby while you're there, like the creepy old jailhouse by the town square and the Granbury Opera House, which has been called the most haunted spot in Texas!

We hope to collect a ton of scary stories from folks at the convention to share in the coming weeks but, have you sent in your story yet? We'd love to hear it! Just write it down or record yourself telling it (voice-memo or film yourself) then send it to so we can use it in Season 8 of Haunted AF!

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