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Episode 9-Season 6: Ghosts of the Bangladesh Liberation War

We opened Haunted AF Episode 9-Season 6 (listen HERE) with a look at our latest Doll in the Hall Challenge videos. This one is from Jessica McTeer:

And this one was sent in by Theia:

Theia's cat apparently saw her lying on the floor, waiting to film her son and got MAD! He could tell she was up to no good and gave her a bite for good measure!

Remember to send YOUR Haunted AF Doll in the Hall Challenge video to because the deadline is rapidly approaching (10/22/2021). Rebekah and Julie will pick a winner and that lucky person will win $200 worth of gear from!

We had an amazing story from Nahid this week, who apparently lives on one of the countless mass graves from the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War (you can read more about that HERE) and had a discussion about Pele's Curse and what you absolutely should NOT bring home from Hawaii.

We also heard from Joe from War Party Paranormal in Florida about an EVP he caught while on a recent investigation. Have a listen below and see what you think.

Someone requested advice about smudging their home (find that here) but there's an apparent shortage of sage. Find more ideas HERE and keep checking for our black tourmaline bracelets (hopefully in time for the holidays). In the meantime, keep sending those scary stories (written or recorded, audio or video) to so we can use them on the next Haunted AF!

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