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Episode 9-Season 7: Never Whistle in Your House (or Imply that Jada Pinkett Smith is a Witch

To properly enjoy Episode 9-Season 7 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch the YouTube video below) you'll need to listen to Episode 8 first. There was so much to unpack from JB's haunted house AND from our lovebirds who turn into dream-wolves, we simply had to spend more time with them.

This particular video caused quite a stir on TikTok, where people started sharing their own similar stories.

We also heard from JB's roommate, who shared his own experiences from their haunted house. They will have two groups of paranormal investigators visiting soon and will share their findings in our Season 7 Finale, coming up on April 28th.

We also got an email from Nick, who heard our story about the couple who shared dreams of being wolves together. He said it sounded like the Benandanti, an Italian group who claimed to turn into animals and fight witches in their dreams. Learn more about them in this episode of the Dark Histories podcast or watch on YouTube below.

We, of course, shared some NEW ghost stories about disembodied humming and spirits who like messing with car radio settings. Remember that we're still posting exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon Page and to look over our cute merch in the Online Store. Also, take a minute to listen to our film podcast, The JSS MOVIE MINUTE where we'll share our thoughts on Morbius and that crazy Oscars Slap. Then send your spooky stories to so we can use them in Season 7 of Haunted AF!

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