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FOR SALE: Haunted AF Irish Mansion

If you've got 3 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you love haunted places, there's an estate in Ireland's County Wexford that's just for you. It has 22 bedrooms, sits on 68-acres of land and has it's own beach, but Loftus Hall is also haunted af. One of it's original owners, Lady Anne Tottenham, claimed that the devil himself visited the mansion in 1766, not long before her death. She is one of the spirits that allegedly haunts the house and why shows like Ghost Adventures have conducted investigations there. You can read more about Loftus Hall HERE and get information about touring it HERE, but know that whatever resides in its walls may still be active. The hidden remains of an infant were found during a recent renovation and the photo below was captured by Thomas Beavis in 2014 (see the women in the window?). Lady Tottenham's grave on the grounds is even cemented in, as if she might try to escape.

Don't forget that Season 4 of Haunted AF kicks off August 13th so send your scary stories NOW to!

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