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Ghosts of the Harrisburg State Hospital

Harrisburg State Hospital
Nope nope nope.

Scott started working at the Harrisburg State Hospital (formerly knows as the Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital or the Union Asylum for the Insane) this year and became fascinated with it's history. He learned that the facility would be torn down soon and decided to take photos of the grounds before it was lost forever. That's when things got weird.

Scott has plans to use these photos in a coffee table book featuring the old asylum, but something about this last one caught his eye. Look at the mirror in the middle window, on the bottom row.

Here's a close up.

Scott can see his distorted reflection in the mirror but he can't account for the other strange effects, like the squiggles or trails. What do YOU think it is? Share your thoughts in the "Comments" below and listen to Scott's story in Episode 6 of Season 2 to find out what else happened to him at the Harrisburg State Hospital!

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