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HAF Episode 10-Season 5: Everybody Sh*ts the Bed

Episode 10-Season 5 of Haunted AF might contain an unprecedented amount of poop-talk, but it's also packed with all the ghost and Bigfoot stories you've come to love! Watch it on YouTube HERE or listen to it right HERE.

We started with Britany's story about her Doppelgänger Dad, which she was graciously sketched for us. I think you'll understand why we simply couldn't love this more and let it serve as a reminder to sketch your stories for us!!! Unless you have terrifying photos or videos, which you should BY ALL MEANS share! We also got some amazing photos from Ashley, which show her daughter and Clover, a puppy they found right after losing a loved-one to cancer. Ashley has always wondered about that light smear, which appeared in multiple shots.

Our dear friend Bruce Faulkner sent an article about copious Bigfoot sightings in Sam Houston National Forest, which you can read HERE. Plan your next hiking trip right here and please send us any Bigfoot Warnings you come across (like this one from Redditor "Tezmon").

Don't forget to send YOUR scary stories to! We take written and recorded, audio or video, and remember to share any evidence you might have. Season 5 of Haunted AF ends on April 29th, so get that stuff to us as soon as you can! We'll leave you this week with a scene from Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People, in honor of Pi's story from the UK. You can skip straight to 1:31 to get to the Death Coach, but you'll miss all those fantastic Banshee scenes!

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