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HAF Episode 11-Season 5: Haunted by the Crazy, Kidnapping, Pill-Popping Granny Ghost!

Episode 11-Season 5 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch on YouTube HERE) hit the road with the US Ghost Adventures website and heard about the ghost tours they offer all over the country. They also told us about their recent purchase of the Lizzie Borden house and the 2-night stay they're giving away. By the way, have you heard the Lizzie Borden EVPs from Haunted AF Season 2?

If you're a ghost-nut like us (why else would you be here?) and are looking for a job, know that US Ghost Adventures is currently hiring. They're even looking for tour-guides/story-tellers in several cities so find their Careers section HERE.

We also headed to the Philippines to hear Mason's story about Maria Makiling (you can read more about her legend HERE) then hit Fat Matt's Vortex, a Kansas City funeral home that's been turned into a haunted bar. Let us know if you happen to live near Fatt Matt's Vortex and want to check it out for us! Sorry but we won't be buying your drinks.

We wrapped the episode with two videos, one that's essentially a cat watching TV and another that's pretty alarming. We'll share that one below but remember to send your scary stories to Season 5 of Haunted AF will wrap NEXT WEEK and we'd love to hear your story before taking our break!

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