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HAF Episode 12-Season 5 FINALE: Nothing Scarier than Frosted Tips & a Douchey Red Mustang

Haunted AF wraps Season 5 (listen HERE or watch on YouTube HERE) with some wild stories, starting with Shelby's picture of her dog, Desoto. See the face? We also talked to Erin about the mysterious handprint on her door & to Amelia, who shared her Utah home with the ghost of a woman who died in the garage (that's it on the right).

We heard from April again, the realtor who is close to putting a haunted house on the market. She shared a video with us last episode (find it HERE) and graced us with an even freakier one this week.

We talked to Steve Shippy about his new Shock Doc for Discovery+ Ed Gein: The Real Psycho, which is streaming now (watch the trailer below).

We wrapped the season up with an amazing story from Mark in the UK. He told us about the old, burned-out Anderson shelter behind his home, which was something we weren't familiar with. This little video from 1940 told us everything we needed to know.

Haunted AF will return this August, but we'll keep posting new content in the meantime on our Patreon Page. Become a Patron to keep up because it helps us immensely and it only costs $5 a month. Even more important are YOUR scary stories, which we'll keep collecting through the spring and summer. Remember to write or record (audio or video), then send them all to Because without you we simply wouldn't be Haunted AF!

We'll leave you with an interview we just taped with Graham Mack for The Podcast Radio. See, everyone really does like our story-tellers more than they like us!

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