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HAF Episode 9-Season 5: Don't Do Drugs (No One Will Believe Your Ghost Stories

Episode 9-Season 5 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch on YouTube HERE) debuts some astonishing photo & video evidence that you shouldn't check out late at night (or when you're dog-sitting in your Mom's haunted house, like Kelsey)! It also offers evidence that some people continue going to work long after their death, even in the same uniform. One important picture we mentioned came from Jessica's deer-cam in Goshen, Ohio. What does this look like to you? Do you see what Rebekah saw?

We also heard from Jessica about something that would knock on walls of her Cape Cod bedroom.

Julie Tackaberry told a sweet Dead Pet of the Week story about her 2 deceased beagles,

Cory & Spike.

And Kelsey sent a ghost story from her Mom's haunted house in Nanaimo (it's pronounced Na-NY-Mo), BC. She actually wrote to us while dog-sitting and scared the crap out of herself! Doesn't look that scary though, does it?

Don't forget to send YOUR scary stories to! We take written and recorded, audio or video, and remember to send any evidence you might have. We'll leave you this week with the TikTok posted by @el_toro747 (thanks to Allie for tagging us).

What do YOU think is going on here?

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