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HAF Episode 9-Season 9: Haunted AF Listeners Ask "WHAT THE F- IS THAT???"

We do a little crowd-sourcing in Episode 9-Season 9 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or watch below) with some wild photos and videos that were sent in by listeners. We've also got some updates on earlier ghost stories AND a probing UFO situation in Vermont (see what we did there?). It all starts with Sean's story of lights in the sky above Vermont. He caught some on tape for us but unfortunately, it's difficult to see. We love Sean anyway and can't wait to hear if anyone else saw these lights!

Then Amy shared stories from her haunted house. She even found what appeared to be her name glowing through the wood-stove window. Do you see it?

Claire sent video of the lights she saw flying above her Colorado Springs home. She says she doesn't think they are aliens, but she'd love to hear from anyone who knows what they are or also saw them.

We shared the story about the auction of the Murdaugh Family Hunting Lodge, where Maggie and Paul were murdered. Patrick Welsh reached out to show us the item he purchased at the auction, and about the woman who bought a Murdaugh camera that still contained family photos. Check out Patrick's score below and visit him at Haunted Grounds Coffee whenever you're in Savannah, Georgia.

Remember to find the companion blog at and more exclusive content on the Haunted AF Patreon Page. Please like & subscribe while you're on the YouTube channel and keep sending those scary stories to!

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