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HAF June: Do Skeletons Bite?

May was a bust, thanks to some awful storms and possibly a grumpy ghost, but we've got a new Haunted AF episode for June! Want to hear some spooky stories about ghostly dog-walkers and haunted plane rides (click HERE to find out more about those parts salvaged from airline crashes)? What about a haunted homestead and a bull who eats waffles?

His name is "Benny" but we think "Waffles" would've been an excellent name.

We heard about a ghost who blew smoke-rings and loved Susie Qs while Paige told us about a bitey skeleton ghost who has terrorized multiple kids at her house. We also finally got to share the story of the ghost who causes technical difficulties, something we learned about firsthand.

We also shared the story of Venzone and its beloved it mummies. You can read about it HERE but have a look at these guys!

Remember to check out the Merch Page while you're here and to watch the YouTube version below. And keep sending those awesome scary stories to so we can use them on the next Haunted AF!

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