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Haunted AF: AND WE'RE BACK! Episode 1 - Season 5

Welcome to a new year and a new season! Haunted AF is back with more scary stories and haunting questions like, "Do ghosts clean houses," or "Can a lonely fox be mistaken for a gruesome murder?" The answer to both, according to Episode 1-Season 5 (listen HERE or wherever you find podcasts), is a resounding YES! In fact, if you are like Toni's brother and have recently picked up terrifying sounds on your RING security camera (find that HERE), watch the video below to ease your anxiety.

We also discussed how Toni's brother was "born with a caul," meaning he was born with a portion of the amniotic sac still on his head. Click HERE for a better explanation and to see what it looks like but WARNING: It IS a bit alarming!

If you missed the Haunted AF link to White House Ghost Stories, find that HERE and scroll to the bottom for Jenna Bush Hager's wild story from her Pennsylvania Avenue days. We discussed those haunted Tesla videos (watch one HERE) and asked if any Haunted AF listeners have a Tesla and are willing to drive around a cemetery for us (please!). We wrapped things up with an interview with Laura Krantz, host of the incredible Wild Thing podcast. You absolutely must listen to her show HERE and find the rest of our interview on the Haunted AF Patreon page.

Send YOUR scary stories to and remember that we take written or recorded, audio or video versions of your terrifying tales. Please include pictures, audio or ANY recorded proof you might have collected on your adventures because we want to share it all in Season 5 of Haunted AF!

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