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Haunted AF April: Tell Me You're a Haunted Hotel without SAYING You're a Haunted Hotel

Yes, we are scrambling to get this bad boy posted while it's still April! Here are some links to the stories we mention in this episode, including the Seagull Inn (that's it in the photo above), the Eclipse UFO (umm, plane) footage, and a link to some old fallout shelters. And because we found it while searching for fallout shelters, here's a link to a story about some people who found one untouched in their backyard.

We knew you'd want to see that Eclipse Day UFO footage firsthand so here you go! Yeah, it's a plane but definitely spooky at first! And if you're wondering what The Shining theme song actually sounds like, see below.

And finally, if you were wondering what sweet Tootsie looked like before she started haunting Allison's house, here you go.

Remember to find the companion blog at and to watch the full episode from our YouTube channel below. Find more exclusive content at and PLEASE keep sending scary stories to

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