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Haunted AF: Curse of the Poultry-Geist (Ep16-Season 4)

Happy Thanksgiving from Haunted AF!!! Celebrate today with Episode 16-Season 4, which you can listen to HERE or wherever you find podcasts. This one contains tales of home-crafted Ouija boards (don't try it!) and even MORE haunted apartment complexes. We also heard about Harriett (pictured above) who haunts a radio station at Lewis and Clark Community College. Sari from the Weirdiva Podcast told us about the ghostly little boy who lurked in her driveway (see above) and Stephanie shared a story from Hairdrian's Wall, which was new to us. You can read more about it HERE. The Season 4 finale of Haunted AF drops next week so get those scary stories to us NOW at! Remember to find our Patreon page because we'll be posting content there throughout our break (Season 5 starts January 28th). We will also share the Haunted AF Top 10 of 2020 on New Year's Eve, featuring all of our best stories from the past year. Please send your favorites to and (even better) record yourself saying which ones you loved and why!

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