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Haunted AF: Episode 11-Season 4

Welcome to Episode 11-Season 4 of Haunted AF (listen to the podcast HERE and find the accompanying links and photos below). It kicks off with Jules' party at the Orleans Waterfront Inn in Cape Cod. That's it pictured above and follow the link for more shots because that place is gorgeous!

Jules also sent a picture of her burnt matchbook. Look at that...every single match.

We also heard stories about UFOs in Wyoming, Jersey Devils in New Jersey and those dreaded Mothmen. You can read the Mothman story Bruce Faulkner sent to us HERE (we love you Bruce) and find a Reddit thread about O'Hare mothman sightings HERE. Hello, rabbit hole!

We wrapped things up with another story from Josh's haunted farmhouse in Bardstown, Kentucky. Josh plans to visit the family home soon and will hopefully provide photos of the rooms he's been describing. He also has another story for next week, during our Halloween episode!

Dennis from KEAP Paranormal told a story about the haunted post-office he works in. He is hosting another Festival of the Unexplained this weekend, if you need non-stop scary stuff for 2 straight days. Check out their Facebook page too, and scroll back to August when Haunted AF made an appearance at their last festival (or just click HERE).

Speaking of Haunted AF appearances, we'll be able to announce the date for our appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show soon! Keep checking our social media pages or website for details, but know that it's rapidly approaching! And we'll post Kelly's mysterious footprint video below, which has everyone talking on TikTok. Where are those bootprints coming from? Is something sneaking into Kelly's house when he isn't home? Or worse, when he IS home? Let us know what you think and keep sending those scary stories, pictures and videos to so we can share them on the next Haunted AF!

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