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Haunted AF: Episode 13-Season 4

Welcome to the latest episode of Haunted AF (listen HERE), during what has to be one of the weirdest weeks of our lives. Hopefully, we can give you a little distraction from the insanity! This week, we have another story from Dave Schrader of The Holzer Files and some awesome emails about roadside apparitions. Rebekah introduced everyone to her friend Becky Vickers, who told us about her investigations of The Londoner (now The Celt) in McKinney, Texas and the Mineral Springs Hotel in Alton, Illinois (both pictured above). You can read more about Becky's ghost adventures HERE and keep listening for updates, since she's off to investigate a haunted Oklahoma forest.

We talked about the Haunted AF appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show (watch it HERE) and the amazing costumes they sent to us. Extra props to Rebekah for the badass hair and makeup work!

The well has gotten pretty dry since Halloween passed, so we need those scary stories! We do have a few rules to follow though, like:

- The stories must be about experiences, not just sensations. If you saw or heard something, or maybe were touched, we want to hear all about it. We know how terrifying it is to sense something bad (even to the point of nausea), but those aren't the stories we're looking for.

- Please don't write your story down and then read it to us. Just tell it to us, like we're sitting around a campfire.

- And please, no scary voices! Believe it or not, your stories are scarier without them!

Send those to so we can share them on the next Haunted AF!

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