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Haunted AF: Episode 14-Season 4

Welcome to Episode 14-Season 4 of Haunted AF, which you can listen to right HERE. We had more proof that the podcast is giving you ghosts this week, thanks to a story from Myrna's Mom and something Rebekah experienced while listening in her car. We also got a great Dead Pet of the Week story from Kerry, who was sweet enough to send pictures of her cats. Conan is the orange one on the left, and got his name for obvious reasons.

Joey sent us an amazing story about he and his Grandmother (pictured above), or something that claimed to be his Grandmother. It's one of the best doppelgänger stories we've heard yet!

Haunted AF will be ending Season 4 in early December, but we'll continue to post stories on our Patreon page. Become a Patron so we can keep scaring you over the holidays! It's a great way to support the podcast, and so is buying Haunted AF merch! We have super-cute t-shirts and hoodies, along with stickers and mugs. Find those in our Online Store and order early so you'll get them in time for the holidays!

Most importantly, send your real-life scary stories to! We take written or recorded, audio or video versions of those terrifying tales but there are a few rules:

- The stories must be real.

- It must be something you or someone close to you actually experienced (like heard or saw), not sensed. Even if you sensed it really hard.

- Do not write your story and then read it. We appreciate the effort but it sounds like a book report.

- And finally, please don't use a scary voice. Unless you want us to play your scary-voice-story on the podcast and laugh at it. Because we just might do that!

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