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Haunted AF: Episode 15-Season 4

Welcome to Episode 15-Season 4 of Haunted AF (listen HERE). We started with an update on our interview with Dave Schrader of The Holzer Files and Darkness Radio. You can listen to portions of that original interview in our Halloween episode and hear the whole thing on our Patreon page. We also got an update from Jesse at The Painted Lady in Albuquerque, New Mexico (hear about his haunted B&B HERE). The Ghost Adventures crew apparently showed up for an investigation the very same day as our original interview! That's airing on The Travel Channel so find out when to watch it HERE.

We also discussed this video from Cali, featuring something strange in her closet.

Things got weirder when we edited the photos to see more of the closet. One picture shows pillows and shoes on the floor, but the picture with the "eyes" is hard to figure out. What do you think it is?

We also got an incredible story out of Amish Country in Pennsylvania. Ricky and Ally were house-hunting when they stumbled on a creepy place. We got the address and found pictures inside that weird basement, which has been renovated since they toured it three years ago. You can still get a sense of how strange it was originally and, of course, there's the red mark on Ally's neck.

Season 4 of Haunted AF will wrap on December 3rd but we will continue posting new content on our Patreon page before Season 5 launches January 28th. That's why you need to get your scary stories to us NOW! Send those to and remember that we take written or recorded, audio or video (we'll keep posting video on our YouTube and TikTok pages). Remember the rules though: The stories must be real. They must be tangible. They must not be written and then read (it sounds like a book report) and please, PLEASE do not use scary voices!

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