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Haunted AF Episode 2-Season 4 Pics & Videos

Haunted AF Episode 2-Season 4 just dropped and we had so many pictures and videos to go along with it, we decided to just share them all here. We started with Richard's story, which was posted on Patreon over the summer. Those are his demon scratches, pictured above.

We also talked about Patty's dog Traveler, during the "Dead Pet of the Week." Here is that video.

Mercedes wrote to tell us about the doll she was compelled to buy, then destroy. She sent a video of it winking on it's own.

Then Jesse told us about his time in the Anoka Workhouse and in the tunnels beneath, which led to the old Anoka Asylum. Here's a video that takes a fun tour of that area.

Send YOUR scary stories to and remember that we're taking audio and video now. And tell all your spooky friends about the Haunted AF podcast!

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