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Haunted AF: Episode 2/Season 5 - Do Laxatives Give You Ghosts?

Welcome to Episode 2-Season 5 of Haunted AF (listen HERE or wherever you find podcasts)! In this episode you'll hear about Keyonah's creepy apartment (pictured above), and meet Grandma Elizabeth (also pictured above) and her stumpy legs. We'll also introduce you to Skippy, the Ute ("Australian truck" for us Yanks) that saved Ethan's life. She's pictured above as well, but here's a better view of the damage she sustained.

We discussed the updated-but-still-haunted Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas (get reservations HERE), talked about Amanda's chatty living-room ghosts (pictured above) and shared another video of a Tesla picking up ghosts in a cemetery (watch out for F-bombs)!

Remember to send your scary stories to so we can use them in Season 5 of Haunted AF. We take written or recorded (audio or video) and please include as much evidence as possible (photos, sketches, recordings...we love it all). We'll leave you with another video mentioned this week: Brent Underwood's latest from Ghost Town Living, where he shares a journal from a former Cerro Gordo resident!

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