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Haunted AF: Episode 4-Season 5 (Tales of a Real-Life Exorcism)

Welcome to Episode 4-Season 5 of Haunted AF (listen HERE) which we recorded in the frozen tundra of Dallas, Texas. We somehow found time between the blizzards and rolling blackouts to lay this baby down and are so happy that you're listening to it! We started with a reminder to watch the full Real Life Ghost Stories interview on YouTube, then shared a great story from Tracy Mc, who sent pictures of the haunted Border's Books she worked at in Glasgow.

We also discussed the Elevator Game, which some people believe Elisa Lam was playing the night she died at the Cecil Hotel (watch that documentary on Netflix!). Read more about the Elevator Game HERE and then watch the bizarre video from the night she disappeared below.

We talked to "Casper" about his haunted doll Frömpt, who threw temper-tantrums in his closet and apparently molested a lizard plushie. Here they are, pictured together.

Poor Plushie.

Finally, we chatted with Troy Taylor, who helped with the Discovery Plus Shock Doc The Exorcism of Roland Doe. It focuses on the real case that The Exorcist is based on and how key elements from the book (and film) actually happened!

You can watch The Exorcism of Roland Doe now on Discovery Plus (they offer a 7-day free trial) and find out more about Troy Taylor (he's written countless books on true-crime and the paranormal AND has his own podcast) at

Remember to send your scary stories to so we can use them in Season 5 of Haunted AF. We take written or recorded (audio or video) and please include as much evidence as possible (photos, sketches, recordings...we love it all). Before you go, watch the trailer for The Exorcism of Roland Doe below and watch for Troy Taylor!

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