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Haunted AF: Episode 5-Season 5 (The EVIDENCE Episode)

Haunted AF would be nothing without our listeners (since our podcast is 99.99% based on listener submissions) but you guys REALLY came through this week. Not only did you send scary stories for Episode 5-Season 5 (listen HERE), you also shared photos and videos to back them up! We started with Jennifer's video from her birthday, when they drove her husband's Tesla through a graveyard.

There was also a moment when their key-fob starting spinning inexplicably. We didn't share this part to YouTube but mentioned it in the episode. Love the skeptic-husband's enthusiasm!

We also shared a video that Inez sent to us. What IS that shadow moving across her floor???

Maddie sent pictures and audio about the Slovenian Home and something strange that happened during a party there. See the weird image behind the guys? What do YOU think it is?

Please send your thoughts to and throw in a scary story while you're at it so we can use it during Season 5 of Haunted AF!

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